Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Digiworld described by Digiteens

Digiteens: Digital Citizenship by Digital Teenagers

Students research digital topics and write on a wiki, research with friends around world, then create offline action projects in the area of their digital interests. The students are involved in a project based program called Digital Citizenship.

The students of Westwood Schools in Camilla Georgia give us an insight into Digital Citizenship. They covered various topics briefly about digital literacy, online safety, internet access inside schools, posting personal information online, communicating with students from different cultures, and other subjects. The students of Westwood Schools use websites like Skype, Wikispace, and Google Docs. Some of the more specific digital citizenship sites like Digiteen Island, Woogie World, and Digiteens.

I have been using the internet for many years and had to educate myself on things like online safety and posting personal information online. When I first had access to the internet back when AOL had first arrived on the digital scene I found myself giving away private information that put my safety at risk. Educating our youth on online safety is extremely crucial and would have benefited me when I was a child.

I would like to involve my students in Digital Citizenship by having them help to educate other students who are less educated on these carious topics. The most important thing in my mind emphasized during this video was properly educating children on online safety. Children need to understand what information is appropriate to post and what is considered to be unsafe information to share with the digital world. Continuing this project-based learning is a way to spread awareness to students who may be unaware. Emphasizing the dangers of internet is important, but it also important to emphasize how helpful a tool the internet can be. To obtain important information along with a helpful communication tool, among other various digital avenues. My goal will be to get my students involved with projects like Digiteens and letting students know that the internet is useful when used properly and for the right reasons.

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  1. I agree. I think online safety is very important. My mother experienced identity theft first hand. If she hadn't detected the problem early, she could have lost a lot of money at the hands of an online criminal. The internet can be confusing, it is important for people to understand how to protect themselves.