Wednesday, February 17, 2010

VoiceThread - Color Chart

I recently made a VoiceThread called "The Process of Making a Color Chart" I created this chart for my color class at UCO.

Monday, February 15, 2010

PBL vs. standardization

After watching Project Learning: An Overview I learned what different schools are doing to incorporate project based learning into their curriculum. The students seems happier to complete their school work, simply because it was more interesting. They were learning about things that intrigued them and were able to use their hands in the process. Standarized testing... sitting behind a desk and reading a book can only get you so far in life. It is the hands on experience of actually doing something that motivates the individual.

After leaving middle school and highschool I realized that most of that information I had "learned" had ultimately been forgotten. The projects that made us (the students) become more involved seemed to stick with me more. I believe that is why I am so interested in pursuing art in my life now and teaching it in the future. That was the only class I ever really did something in besides read a book, that I actually remembered. Everyone is driven and moved by different events I believe that is the same with students and learning.

As far as incorporating this into my classroom in some way, shape, or form... The whole point of teaching art for me is to incorporate in projects and discussions with my class. I want to have all of my students involved and interacting with one another and the topics we are covering. Instead of just drawing a box, take the box pick it up, spin it around, do what you will with it, but the actions and intentions are the whole point of this difference in teaching. If you sit and stay in one spot you will become stagnant along with your thoughts. Moral of the story... get up, do something you like, learn about it, share it, love it.

Another interesting article from lesson planet.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Story in 5 Photos

The Process of a Color Chart
Photos taken by - Tiffany Edwards

Monday, February 1, 2010

An Inspirational Community Activist: Luis

Edutopia presents a video discussing the life of Luis, an 18 year old student from Oregon. In this video Digital Youth Portrait: Luis he shares his knowledge of technology with his friends, family, and his community. Some of his favorite technological tools are gmail, facebook, laptop, ArcGIS, and lego robotics.

Luis essentially was taking and giving back to his community and family through various technological avenues. He made use of resources that had been made available to him from the community. In turn, he took what he learned and applied that knowledge to further the giving process. Enforcing a cycle of caring and sharing.

A few examples were Luis shared his knowledge by helping his parents (former immigrants from Mexico) pay bills online. Also, he stayed after school to help with the tech wizard's program, which is an after school mentor program. This helps younger students prepare for careers in science, technology, and math. Teaching them how to use familiar technology in ways that will further their education and future.

Last semester I participated in field experience for the UCO teaching department at Cimarron Middle School. I was surrounded by younger student's who were eager to learn about different forms of art. While watching and assisting my mentor teacher share new knowledge with the student's I gained a similar feeling of satisfaction to Luis.

As far as the inspirational youth of America is concerned Luis is a shining example of determination and responsibility. Seeing someone so young do so much for their community reminds me of the importance to start taking action now. Because of him, I am inspired to become more active with art programs in my community. The idea of starting up a local art program is something I have considered since watching this video. In the future, I want to encourage my student's to interact with their classmates and the community, similarly to Luis. Not just taking but giving back by sharing and applying their knowledge on something they are passionate about.

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Celeste G's: The Ugly Truth on Human Trafficking

Celeste Gonzalez, a student of the classroom 21st Century Global Leadership covers a very important topic discussing The Ugly Truth On Human Trafficking. Celeste brings our awareness to a very important and controversial topic. The problem of human trafficking is increasing in numbers all around the world. I believe bringing awareness to such topics is highly important... but what about the solutions? On a somewhat similar topic there is a site I recommend further investigation for those interested in advocating peace and helping with change. It is easy to discuss these topics but how can we help?