Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Story in 5 Photos

The Process of a Color Chart
Photos taken by - Tiffany Edwards


  1. Tiffany, this looks really cool and I imagine that it takes more work than what the 5 pictures allow you to show. Did you have to cut out each individual square and then align them? Is there supposed to be an audio component to this?

  2. The squares are cut out with a 7/8" square punch. Then you can align them individually and apply them by using rubber cement on the board and letting it dry. Then applying the rubber cement to each individual square. This allows you to pick up the pieces and move them around if you need to... It's an extremely time consuming process. I just completed it for a color class I am taking up at UCO right now.

    The audio is still being worked on... it is going to be re-edited and completed on voicethread tonight though. I will be posting it to my blog soon.