Monday, February 15, 2010

PBL vs. standardization

After watching Project Learning: An Overview I learned what different schools are doing to incorporate project based learning into their curriculum. The students seems happier to complete their school work, simply because it was more interesting. They were learning about things that intrigued them and were able to use their hands in the process. Standarized testing... sitting behind a desk and reading a book can only get you so far in life. It is the hands on experience of actually doing something that motivates the individual.

After leaving middle school and highschool I realized that most of that information I had "learned" had ultimately been forgotten. The projects that made us (the students) become more involved seemed to stick with me more. I believe that is why I am so interested in pursuing art in my life now and teaching it in the future. That was the only class I ever really did something in besides read a book, that I actually remembered. Everyone is driven and moved by different events I believe that is the same with students and learning.

As far as incorporating this into my classroom in some way, shape, or form... The whole point of teaching art for me is to incorporate in projects and discussions with my class. I want to have all of my students involved and interacting with one another and the topics we are covering. Instead of just drawing a box, take the box pick it up, spin it around, do what you will with it, but the actions and intentions are the whole point of this difference in teaching. If you sit and stay in one spot you will become stagnant along with your thoughts. Moral of the story... get up, do something you like, learn about it, share it, love it.

Another interesting article from lesson planet.

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  1. Great reflection, and thanks for sharing an additional link about project based learning!