Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sam Chameleon

Sam is a chameleon, able to adapt and change with her technological surroundings. A World of Warcraft warrior, social butterfly on Myspace, eBook reading machine, musically inclined and advanced, seventh grade, technological guru of her heyday. Most of us have dreams. Well, Sam's dream is to be a director, sparked by being gifted a video camera when she was little. This piece of technology opened up a digital path in Sam's life. She chose to follow down this virtual road and embrace it. Sam maintains a balance between school, socializing, and utilizing digital media; some examples, texting, eBooks on iPhone, Wii, Youtube, World of Warcraft, MySpace, and Opensimulator. At school, she is involved in activities like band.

When Sam was a little girl she practiced playing a
virtual piano through a program, and now plays with the greatest of ease.

Sam has learned numerous skills while using digital media involving, problem-solving, critical-thinking and team-work skills. If robots do ever become artifically intellegent and try to destroy humanity... I would like Sam's WoW warrior on my side, indeed.

When we are given things at a young age they can trigger interest or fascination in our lives. Sam's video camera was similar to my experience with art supplies. My mother would always give me different mediums to draw with. For example, as soon as I would get bored or loose interest using watercolors after a couple hours. She would switch the medium and give me markers, and I would continue to create. I contribute this switching of mediums during my youth, the reason for my success over the past few semesters in my studio classes - Still Life, Figure Drawing, 2d, 3d, and Color all of these require the experimentation and mastery of different materials (mediums - media). Our strengths, my mastery of different media and Sam's mastery of digital technology, may appear to be different, but they are driven by the same force, passion for what we love to do.

The future is headed in various directions, one direction is technology. So, if you are not in the technological know it maybe time to get acclimated and play catch up, if not we fall behind and slowly become digitally illiterate. Students who are interested in art should be introduced and educated at a younger age about graphic art/design. Right now, in certain Edmond, OK schools the introduction of the digital arts does not occur until 8th, 9th grade, or even later. I believe this material and involvement should begin in elementary school or the beggining of middle school, preparing the students earlier will give them a digital jump start.

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