Wednesday, January 13, 2010

All about me... Tiffany!

Hello friends! I am Tiffany!

Activities I love... creating art, reading, writing, watching japanese movies and anime, playing ping pong, frisbee golf, and cooking.

I would like to be a middle school art teacher. I believe that art can be very
therapeutic and is a healthy outlet to express feelings and other issues. Children are very influential in their youth. Having someway to channel their energy in a positive way is my goal with teaching. People have different passions, and art is mine. I want to share this with my students and the knowledge I have acquired along the way pertaining to the arts.


  1. We need more creative teachers in our schools, Tiffany! So glad to hear you love art and want to teach it!

    You would likely love a Ning a friend of mine has started called "Art Snacks." It has lots of videos helping students learn to draw, and do other artistic things. Kevin Honeycutt (who started Art Snacks) took me to a juvenile jail last week in Kansas, and he used some of the video lessons from Art Snacks to help the boys there draw. It was pretty amazing. The link is:


  2. I like how you express your creativity. I think it is great that there are people who want to teach kids how to be expressive, and not tell them to color the picture as it is with the grass green and the sky blue. I think kids should use their creativity and be able to make the grass purple and the sky brown. Good luck in your future, I think you will become a great teacher.

  3. Thanks Prof. Fryer for the awesome link! Rbenge I appreciate your kind words :D