Sunday, January 24, 2010

Technologically Immersed From Dawn till Dusk

The video Digital Youth Portrait: Nafiza gave me a glimpse into the life of a technologically savvy young girl Nafiza, an 18 year old senior in high school. This video shows how Nafiza incorporates technology into her personal life, as well as, her educational life. In the morning she wakes up to an alarm clock on her cell phone, walks to school while listening to her iPod, communicates through a social network called Facebook, along with, Flickr and Teen Second Life, followed by playing video games, and using other varying technological activities and gadgets. While in school they discussed higher education in other countries while incorporating this with something the younger adults enjoyed Teen Second Life and Flickr. This helps the students to expand their digital literacy, communication, and leadership skills.

Relating to my own life I can see a few similarities. I wake up in the morning in a similar fashion, to my cell phone alarm. While driving in my car I have an attachment that allows me to listen to my iPod. I know that when I leave my house without my cell phone a sense of panic emerges. "I have to call so-and-so, and pay a bill over the phone" etc... "Oh no, what will I do?!" What ever happened to using payphones? Do these even exist anymore? They do, but not for long if I were to assume. My point being, I can relate to Nafiza's dependancy on technology. But, I like the idea of being able to go without a cellphone, iPod, Facebook, etc. for a day or two.

To keep a student's attention they require visual aid. Incorporating a means of technology and visual stimuli will keep my students interested. Helping them to be digitally literate is something as a teacher I feel compelled to do now. As we advance technologically as a society, so must all of the individuals too, or not. It is my responsibility as a future educator to help them with this. Using technology in a way to benefit the students is the key here. Using websites like Teen Second Life to talk about subjects that hold some value, like Nafiza's discussion on the struggle with higher education in foreign countries, incorporates a sense of morality within the kids.

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